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Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions. If there's a question we've not answered, please contact us here.

  • Are you looking to sell other toys?
    We are in the continuous journey of adding Hinduism related toys. Feel free to contact us should you be interested or have any ideas at
  • Are your toys replicas of Modi Toys?
    No. We have actually partnered with Modi Toys who are headquartered in the US, to bring these mantra singing plush toys to you!
  • Who is Modi Toys?
    Modi Toys is a US based company who promote Indian roots through Indian toys, books and kits. You can read more about them on
  • How can I clean the toys?
    First, remove the entire voicebox from the toy. Next, place the toy inside a mesh laundry bag (like this one!), or a pillowcase and enclose it properly. Wash the toy on a gentle/delicate cycle, using minimal baby detergent. Keep the toy inside the laundry bag as you dry it on gentle in the drying machine. Click here to watch a demo of our suggested care instructions.
  • I just received my toy and I can’t get it to sing.
    Our toys come with activation strip, designed to help extend the battery lifetime. When you receive the toy, open the velcro, and look for a small plastic strip tucked inside the plastic voicebox. Gently pull it out to remove it. This will activate the batteries, thus turning on the voicebox.
  • Do all the plush Modi Toys sing mantras?
    Yes, all of our toys, including both small and medium sized, come equipped with a voicebox, pre-recorded with the mantras respective to the deity.
  • Why is shipping not available to my country in Asia?
    We are currently starting in Singapore and are really hoping to start shipping to neighboring countries very soon. Stay tuned! If your country is not listed and are very eager to get your hands on them, please email us at We will discuss with you a quote or additional information which may be of help.
  • Are your products available on Lazada, Shopee, or other online retailers?"
    No, we currently are purely selling via our own website.
  • Do you have a storefront? Can I see the items or pick up my order?
    Unfortunately we operate 100% online, however if you are a retailer who is keen to be a stockist, you can contact us.
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